Our Organization

The objectives of the Association are to promote and/or conduct horse shows, forums, clinics and other special events, to coordinate and cooperate with show committees and exhibitors of horse shows, to work in the interest of and for the improvement of horses, to assign show dates to member shows and to make adequate and fair rules governing competitions and to enforce them for the common benefit, to serve and promote the best interests of member shows and exhibitors who participate in them, to license horse show judges, stewards and other officials and to otherwise assist in connection with the exhibition of horses and ponies.

Representatives of Maryland horse shows attended a meeting at the Penn Hotel in Towson on February 21, 1936 for the purpose of establishing an association, which would serve as the governing body, composed of representatives of the various horse shows held throughout Maryland. A need for this entity was seen after the development of the Association of American Horse Shows in 1927. The association would have jurisdiction over assignment of dates, thereby eliminating conflicts, and would be empowered to establish standard rules and regulations governing the qualifications of certain classes. This was the beginning of The Association of Maryland Horse Shows.

During 1946 the association had made some major rule changes. First, the number of years shown as a Green Hunter was limited to two years. The pony division was divided into three sections according to size. Lastly, Judges were required to be recognized and listed with the Association.

In 1957 the Association inaugurated the ABC rating plan with triple, double and single points toward high score awards. Also, the rule began that every horse or pony and owner must be recorded with the Association.

During the 1960’s there was a rejuvenation of the Association. In January 22, 1965 the full corporate name of the association, as amended by Resolution to amend the Charter adopted by the Annual Meeting of Members to “Maryland Horse Shows Association, Inc”.

In 2014, a Regional Program was started for riders interested in competing in the state of Maryland at a local level.

Although the Association has seen many changes over the years, one thing has remained the same, a group of dedicated individuals promoting the sport for the betterment of the MHSA members and their horses.


MHSA History Book: 1936 – 1960