It’s every teenager’s favorite time of year again. SUMMER!!! For most of us that means more time to hang out at the barn with our beloved horses and friends. For some of us though, we have decided to take on a summer job. This summer was my first time having an actual job, not just helping Mom and Dad around the house. I got a job being a part-time hostess for a local restaurant in my town. I was so excited that I got the job after searching for 3 months! Quickly I realized though that my riding schedule and work schedule conflicted a little. If you my friend are also having this struggle fear not, I have a solution!

Colby Noble 1

                First phase, you are going to want to try to make a simple schedule. I had given my boss an availability sheet containing the days I can work and days I’m not going to be there. Most all bosses are going to want this to see when you are available.  When you make this sheet up, you are going to have to consider a few things. How often do I have a lesson? When do I have horse shows or camps? And if you are like me, when is Drivers Ed? After you make this list, you are going to want to keep a copy for yourself also and give another copy to your boss.

Phase two, making a simple riding schedule. Now I don’t know about you but I love having some kind of idea of when I ride during the week and when my horse’s days off are. When you are making this schedule you might want to run it by your trainer to double check it. If you are having trouble thinking of one, consider these points: how much work does your horse need per week, when are lessons, and how many days should they get off. This is where talking to your trainer comes in handy because they, like you, know exactly what your horse really needs.

Phase three, get together your two schedules. This is where it might get a bit tricky, but just relax and have a cookie you’re almost there! Try your best to work the two schedules together. Some days you might have to get up early before work to get a quick hack in or go out a little later and not get to ride with your friends. It will all be worth it though when you get your first pay check and feel like you can accomplish anything!

Colby Noble 2

Good luck my junior fellow riders!!

Colby Noble

MHSA Junior Member